Sonntag, 13. März 2011

And again for all who don´t understand german

Glycerinesoap made with the "Thermomix"

I really don´t know if you have something similar to the termomix. Please use google to find out.

300g Palmoil (150g)
195g Castoroil (97,5g)
150g Coconutoil (75g)
120g Almondoil (60g)
105g Stearic Acid (52,5)
126,5g Sodium Hydroxide (lye) (63,5g)
350g Water (175g)
405g Ethylalcohol (202,5g)
218g Glycerine (109g)
240g Sugar (120g)
100g Water (50g)

For the first run use only the half amount. If you use the full amount your termomix is more than full and with bad luck you have half of the soap on your kitchentabel.

Mix water and lye. You don´t need it to cool down. Wait only 5-10 minutes. (use goggles and gloves and be carefull)
Put all fats in your termomixbowl and melt it on 60°C level 1-2.
If all fats meltet put the lye in the fatmix and mix till "puddingphase"
Now put the termomix on 70°C and stay there. (Level 1-2).
Now mix Alcohol and Glycerin and give it slowly to the batch. It could be that the soap ist comming up in the pot. If this happens give speed (Level 4-5) till everything is normal.
Than again Level 1-2.
If you look at your soap you can see it´s allready clear.
Melt the sugar in the water (make it hot). Put this to your soapbatch and mix for another 10 minutes on 60-70°C
If you have small bubbles on the sureface you can spray it with alcohol.
The glycerinsoap is ready to use.
If you don´t need all soap in one time you can leave it in the termomix on lowest level.

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