Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010

You have to see THIS!!!!

Óla and hello!
My best friend Andrea "Gartenzwerg" showed me a blog witch you MUST see. Full of amazing wonderfull soaps
I hope it´s ok to show you some of her works.

See and be astonished!



Ceramica copia


Isn´t that great? I felt in love with the Olivesoap :)

Dear Monica! Your soaps are fantastic!!!!


Copperhead Coppinski hat gesagt…

Die Olivenölseife sieht wirklich wunderbar aus! Ihr Seifensieder seid echte Künstler!

Mona hat gesagt…

Herr im Himmel wie hat sie das nur gemacht???? Die Seifen sind traumhaft schön!
Liebe Grüße, Mona

Monica hat gesagt…

Wou, I have seen our blog in the Sapone and I couldn't believe it.
It is an honor to see our soaps here. Some soap´s blog are Rachel and others are mine. At the foot of the entrance you can see the author of the soaps. Thanks for the link.

El Sapone hat gesagt…

Dear Monica,
you and Rachel make such beautyfull soaps:) Its an honoer for me, really.
The Camelsoap is fantastic. It´s a great idea to felt just parts of the soap. I have to try this very soon. Does it fix? No problems with pieces of wool when you wash with it?

Monica hat gesagt…

We did the Camelsoap for Christmas last year and we have donated it. Really I have not washed with him and have not returned to do any. We have to make another soap thus and prove it.

El Sapone hat gesagt…

Hi Monica!
I see:) Please tell me if you make new ones.I´m really interested about this. Last Year I had some felted soaps but this year I have too much to do :( But the idea just to felt a part of the soap is great. I think it takes less time to make? How long did you work on one soap?
Hugs Sannyas

Monica hat gesagt…

Hello, just did it once time, with the camelsoap. I think that this way is faster. I will repeat it again and try it. If I do, I will keep you informed.
I do not have much time.